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We Physically Have the Books We Offer

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We Physically Have the Books We Offer

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VeraBook is an online bookstore serving collectors and book lovers around the world. We focus on selling out-of-print, collectible, and used books, many of which have not been printed since the 1800s or before. Here, we take great care of our books, treating them as if they were our own and packing each one personally, ensuring books arrive at your door in the same condition they leave our facility. We know that no one wants to receive a book that has instantly lost its value to the carelessness of the sender. That is why we take great care in ensuring your book arrives in good condition and treat every book as if it is a valuable part of your collection.

Choose from some of the most influential books in history or just enjoy the beauty of old books with VeraBook.

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About Us

VeraBook began as a mail-order business back in 1994. As book lovers, we found that few people were interested in history books except for those who lived them. Most people cannot afford to travel the country from store to store, so we started offering history and other used books by mail. We advertised in magazines that military personnel subscribed to, as they were our audience, and still are an important group. Today, thanks to the Internet, television, and the way documentaries have changed, people want to read real history books.  We also offer a large and more varied selection of books for your learning and reading pleasure at our online bookstore. We welcome new members to our audience. Contact us today to learn more.


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