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New And Used Books

 History and Related Books

At VeraBook we offer a range of different books, including a lot of older books.
A short list of topics:

  • Military, TM and FM
  • Unit Histories
  • Fishing & Hunting Books
  • Science Books
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Chess & Strategy, also 4 Military
  • All genera of Martial Arts
  • Aviation History and repair manuals
  • Literature
  • Archaeological; Social life and customs
  • Books Printed As Early As the 1800s
  • Repair, Model, Manufacturing
  • Pictorial Works
  • Personal Narratives
  • Medical, Psychology and more
  • Books your mother read to you; Children's, Juvenile
  • Genealogy
  • Many Reference books
  • Centennials: state, city, county etc

A World of Information

Old books can open up new worlds of information. Our founder, Vera, really loved a book about working with people returning from The Crusades, and how to help them cope with the terrible things they saw during the wars. That was an incredible book to read, and the practices outlined in it helped Crusaders return to normal life when they came home. It was awesome and informative and shows an early approach to treating PTSD during The Crusades. This and other old books can help us learn from our mistakes and teach others.

Collectible Tomes

We take great care of all of our books, no matter the subject. Often, you can buy books you find at a local library through us and get a book that has been cared for as you would your own. We describe the condition of the book, answer questions, and even provide photos when requested, so you know exactly what you are buying. Pictures cover the details, including the title page, spine, sides and other details to ensure you know exactly what you are buying. The pictures are taken in sunlight, ensuring you see the book in its truest form.

Woman Smiling With Book

Person Holding Book


We highly recommend that you do not put any tape in or on the book to repair a tear to a page or the dust jacket. Not even to hold a dust jacket to the book.  No card packets or name plates as these also reduce the value of your book.
Many books we offer have been read and may need restoration; as described with the appropriate items.  We can provide references. 

A Dust Jacket Tip

Dust jackets are very important to keep the value of any book. Do not throw them away. Just take them off and leave them completely flat, from Flap to Flap, not folded, until you are done reading and then put it back on when you are finished. This ensures your books retain value and are kept in their current condition.